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Seeking knowledge, are you…chummer?

Well hello there Omae. You’ve just stumbled upon a slight glitch in the database here. I shouldn’t be able to speak to you like this. But hey, at least you’re not being hacked (or are you?)

This is the Wiki Page of your team. here you can find all sorts of information about places you’ve been, will go, people you’ve met, and people you might …uh…dispose of.

You ended up here by accident? No such thing! No runner goes in unprepared. So load up on some intel and go get your objective.


Neo-Tokyo, The Gaijin, Tokyo Tower, Shibuya,Tokyo Dome


Commlinks, cyberdecks, Accessories, Tags, communications,
optical devices, Visual enhancements, Audio devices, Audio enhancements
Breaking and entering gear, Survival gear, Grapple gun, Biotech, Medkit slap patches
Magical equipment
Ground based vehicles, Air and water vehicles, Vehicle modifications, Similar vehicles
Melee weapons, Projectile weapons, Firearms
Firearm modifications, ammo, explosives


Cyber and bioware grades, Earware, Headware, eyeware, bodyware, cyberlimbs, Cyberlimb enhancement, Cyberlimb accessories, Bone Lacing, Bioware, Cultured bioware, Implant weapons

Monthly costs

Docwagon contract

Player characters:

Cinnamon, Open Skies with Soarin, Ruckus Grimm, kento tsukino, Yoko Hirushimas


Mr. Johnson


Renraku, Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, Shiawase Corporation, Yakashima Technologies, monobe international, sony corporation, Komatsu Limited, Yokogawa Corporation, Daiatsu Inc

Main Page

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