Modified MCT Nissan Roto-drone, preferred weapon of choice for Open Skies


Handling 4
Speed 4
Acceleration 2.
Body 4
Pilot 3
Sensor 3
Data Processing 3
Firewall 3
Device Rating 3
Initiative 6 + 4D6

Weapon mount


Some ideas look great on paper. Some ideas can catch the interest of corporate investors. Some ideas actually get turned into prototypes. Only a few of those prototypes end up living up to their paper origins. Soarin didn’t.

Seimitsu co, a subsidiary of an undisclosed AA corporation, sought to improve upon the popularized concept of the MCT-Nissan Roto-Drone model in order to secure a foothold in the security drone market, aiming for a more stable, streamlined and unseen aerial sentry system, focused around an isolated network. Over watch as the project was called was supervised by one Dell Conagher.

The main goal of the project was to maintain a reasonable sized platform, but add stealthing capabilities in a smaller or hidden matrix footprint and a less bulky visual appearance, whilst attempting to re-invent the rotor system and internal engine to allow it to run close to silently and hover in a stationary position whilst maintaining fire or tracking on a target.

The improved rotor system however proved too expensive for competitive drone markets, easily doubling the price of the original versatile Nissan Roto-Drones. The project was scrapped and instead moved towards larger scale transport applications instead.

One of the engineers however had spent many a late hour attempting to realize the project and turn the initial ideas into reality. With the project not delivering on expectations a large portion of the staff was allowed to leave. Initially dedicated, or obsessed, the guy managed to procure the scrapped prototype, to try and prove that over watch’s original goals would be possible. The more that was tinkered on the drone however, the more love went into it, and eventually the goal changed to improving upon the design more and more and providing the drone itself with a customized identity. The drone itself was renamed to Soarin and has, since becoming operational again, been inseparable from an engineer going by the name of open skies.


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