Dell Conagher

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Dell Conagher is a close friend to Open Skies and the lead supervising engineer at the Neotokyo branch of seimitsu co, a subsidiary of an undisclosed AA corporation, overseeing the R&D department. He is the husband to Honoka Kitamura, daughter to right hand of the president of Seimitsu, Yasuhide Kitamura. Together they have a 4 years old daughter named Kumiko. Dell and his wife together own 3% of the shares in Seimitsu.

Seimitsu, having its origins in micromotors, was founded in the late nineteenth century. With the surge in popularity of small drones halfway through the twentieth century, and the acquisition of several smaller competitors the company expanded its business to include the developement of a wide range of microdrones. Over the last few decades it has taken steps to break into the market of remote and automated security systems, working in partnerships with Sumitomo Heavy Industries. Rumors of negotiations for a future merger have become increasingly common.

Dell has been friends with Frederick Guilford for many years ever since they met at the École Polytechnique in Paris, a university they both attended. Where Frederick had a tendency to focus on problem solving and the smallest of details, and showed an affinity and devotion to machinery that he lacked with people entirely, Dell in contrast proved goal oriented to the larger picture and found at an early age that analyze and understanding the workings of human behavior came to him as naturally as any technical understanding of engineering projects. The latter he utilized to both motivate those he works with, as well as to subtly or less subtly sway people to getting his way. It was this contrast in strengths, weaknesses and focus that over time caused Dell and Frederick to work together frequently and a friendship to start to blossom.

Graduating a year before Guilford, Dell found employment at the Paris branch of Seimitsu, where he managed to quickly work his way up through the ranks. He managed to get Frederique on his team a little over a year later. When Seimitsu closed the Paris branch in an attempt to reorganize the company in 2068, reducing costs in order to increase revenue, it was Dell who requested Frederic to relocate with him to the NeoTokyo position.

A series of setbacks to the company early 70’s escalated into the termination of several less promising R&D projects. The closure of Overwatch late 1973 resulted in Guilford’s termination from the company. Dell managed to remain employed, using his involvement in multiple projects and influence within the corporate structure to avoid being laid off, but also to get the Overwatch project’s prototype into Fredericks hands.

Once Frederick had taken on the guise of Open Skies, and attempted Shadowrunning, it was for Dell Conagher that Open Skies performed some of his earlier shadowruns. They focused primarily around obtaining, delaying or cutting off competing projects by smaller competitors, to strengthen his position within Seimitsu and get funding back to his departments.

Recently these developments appear to have paid off in the latest R&D project to be released on the market having been successful enough to land a high value military contract, and Seimitsu’s shares have been on a steady incline since the start of 2075. Dell’s found himself on the receiving end of a pay raise and bonus.

Dell Conagher

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