The Sixth World, 2073…
Magic has returned, so have Dwarves, Orcs, Trolls, Elves, and Gnomes. Oh and don’t forget the Dragons…those beautifull, majestic…and never to be trusted Dragons.

Our story starts in Neo-Tokyo, which has become more than a simple city these days. That doesn’t mean that it has changed much. Money is still the most important tool you can have, next to respect. The Yakuza still has a strong grip on every shady deal. And also on quite a few less shady ones as well.

Foreigners are tolerated, but meta-humans are not as accepted as in the rest of the world. Racism has shifted dramaticly in Japan, from color to actual race.

This is where we start, with a rag-tag collection of rookie runners, a Johnson, and a shady mission.


A forum has been made available for the runners, to share, discuss and rant about things related to the runs and the campaign. May you all use it well.

Shadowrun - Dragons be damned!

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