Ruckus Grimm

Orc Street Orphan looking to make it big.


Observant and suspicious eyes are set in the face of a young male orc. His posture is slouched making him seem smaller than he actually is. To the observant eye it is clear he is actually taller than the norm for an orc, well over seven feet tall. He is dressed in worn sturdy clothing, seemingly picked out from whatever he could scrounge up. Urban camouflage at it’s finest.
Something about the way he carries himself and a look in his eyes make him seem older than he actually is, as if he has already experienced his share of life’s hardships.


Ruckus was born on the streets of Neo-Tokyo, as an Orc he grew up with his family in a warren inside a derelict old building. Even though humans treat Orcs as second class citizens he had a decent enough life and never let it faze him. His brothers, sisters and himself made a game of living up to the ‘Humies’ fear and prejudices and having a good laugh after.
One day returning home from a trip scrounging up whatever useful bits he could find he arrived just in time to find the old building abandoned and about to be demolished.

Managing to get out right before the building collapsed around him he found himself on the street his life quite literally was in ruins. Having no idea whether his family was alive or dead he found himself having to face the prejudice of Neo-Tokyo alone for the first time without a support system. Over the years he had to lie, steal, cheat, threaten, intimidate and do a lot of things he isn’t too proud of to survive, but survive he did. He ran with a pack… mob…. haggle of other street kids of varying races, including humans, which tempered his prejudices towards the other races.

Eventually he stumbled out of this life and into another as he got caught burgling the wrong shop… or the right one depending on how you look at it. Instead of having him arrested, shot or other unpleasantness he was taken in and found a new life for a while. The owner of a traditional herbal shop, took him in and actually gave him a job for a while seeing something in him that no one had before.

Ruckus actually enjoyed the quiet life of the store. Because it wasnt in the best part of town to begin with the overt racism was actually quite subdued and the shop catered to everyone. Lo, the owner, also guided him along the path of the adept having sensed the spark of magic within him. Honing his skills, lecturing him about old traditions and all sorts of eclectic knowledge and traditions.

After a few years he started becoming restless and Lo declared that he had paid his debt to the old man for burgling the shop in the first place and sent him on his way. Leaving him with a place to call home whenever he needed it. He wandered around once more, trying to make it on his own. Doing odd jobs wherever he could, scrounging enough nuyen together to acquire some better gear and a place to call his own.

Technically an adult now, by Orc standards at least, he started making a small name for himself in certain circles whilst managing to stay off the radar of law enforcement and the numerous bigger corporations. Then one day as he was eating noodles his comlink chirped…

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Ruckus Grimm

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