Norah “Cinnamon” Manana aka the cute little girl gone deranged teenager and smoking hot godess of ultimate destruction. (ID papers read Selena Reyes though for some strange reason.)

Norah is the second daughter of corporate hotshot Luciano Manana. Being the middle daughter, she was subjected to the famous middel child curse and often overlooked. When her parents did notice her though, she dissapointed them. Her grades weren’t on par with her sisters… Well, actually nothing she did was on par with the amazing performances her sisters just seemed to pull out of their… fill this one in yourself.

Norah spent most of her days riding horses and buying dresses. Considering she really loved both. Then her father cut her allowance because he wanted her to focus more on studying then horseriding and dresses. So she started a short career as stripper fors ome extra cash so she could continue riding horses and buying dresses. In this stripclub she met the bar owner Jeff. Perheps Jeff was the only a-sexual person in the entire world. He judged all the meat – as he called it – very objective and calculative. He once made a bad remark though and a minute later regretted it and since then he has always been sort of a little willing to at least answer Norah when she needs him for whatever.
She stopped the stripping business though. Sometimes there were orcs or trolls and those creatures are simply hidious! Just look at them! No way they were allowed to look at Norah. It might defile her looks or something like that. Yuck! Its not that she hates orcs and trolls, its just that she doesn’t like their dirty, germ-filled precense and rather stays clear from them.
But well, back on track. She and her father had a fallout not so very long ago. By that point our cute little teenager got rather jealous of her sisters and fed up with her fathers ridiculous standards. So out of an act of teenage rebellion, she ran away.. She became a runner under the name of Cinnamon. She actually wanted to go for a bird as a codename, but couldn’t decide which one, so she went with Cinnamon.

With some of the money she had “borrowed” from her father she bought her magical empowering bike Horsie and some other equipment. Her adventure began when a Johnson contacted her to go the city of Neo-tokyo. She arrived there not much later, got settled, started working at a stripclub where no disgusting orcs or trolls showed up and awaited the time that Johnson would contact her once more. What adventures await her in the land of the rising sun?



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