Open Skies

A human drone-rigger-to-be braving the grey area of shadowrunning


You spot a human male of average stature. He appears to be wearing a grey utility vest over a white shirt with a bright orange right sleeve, combined with dark grey pocketed pants. To the perceptive individual the grip of a heavy pistol is barely visible underneath the faux leather of the vest. Thin black gloves with metallic patterns on the palm cover his hands. Black military boots round out the look.

A set of lightly tinted rectangular glasses cover his eyes, traces of flickering coloured lights barely visible over the outer rim of the lenses. His hair, of medium length, nonchalantly combed back and to the right is a fiery orange, interspersed with streaks of bright yellow. Several sensors of a set of trodes can be seen attached to his skin, hidden underneath his hair, behind his ear, or against the rim of his glasses, with a cord running from behind his left ear into his shirt.

He carries a reinforced black metal suitcase in his left hand, a worn helmet hangs from a strap on his belt at the right. A black sturdy dufflebag is slung across his shoulder, with several rectangular shapes silhouetted in the fabric.

Over his right shoulder hovers a customized shiny black, sharp angled, rotodrone. It curiously observes anything of interest around it, when not engaged with the man.

The matrix will display him as a white Pegasus midflight. Inside his PAN, originating from an RCC icon named ‘Pegasopolis’, depicting a winged lightning bolt, an MCT Nissan Rotodrone as well as a set of glasses with image link, earphones and a pair of AR gloves are visible.

The man carries himself as if living in his own world, bobbing his head to the beat of unheard music, randomly breaking into dance, and occasionally snapping at attention to unseen occurrences in reality. His attention for the most part appears to be split between AR and talking to his drone.


If one were uncover and look into Open Skies’ sin they’d find him to have been born in Lyon, France, under the name of Frederic Guilford.

Frederic grew up in Lyon, studied engineering and aerodynamics in Paris and ended up working at Seimitsu corp’s product development department under the guidance of Dell Conagher a former university friend, focusing around remote controlled security systems.

Due to increasing competition Seimitsu corp decided to cut back on its costs and close the Paris facility, relocating only part of the team to the Tayzo industrial district in Neotokyo, Frederic included. It was there that work was started on a project called “Overwatch”. It was to be a localized private security network of improved surveillance drones based upon the popular Nissan Rotodrone model. The project was cancelled after 14 months of work however and Frederic along with a large portion of the team found himself on the streets shortly after.

Not being able to let the project go, and being convinced of being able to get the latest prototype working, Dell Conagher was able to use his influence within the company to get the rotodrone, Soarin, in Frederik’s hands, rather than have it scrapped.

Nuyen though is difficult to come by without a stable job. Stable jobs themselves, like the one at Seimitsu corp are hard to come by. The well paying specialized jobs are primarily related to megacorps, and those tend to prefer to fill the good positions with their own people and are difficult to get into. Add to that a lack of social skills and an inability to lie (well) and finding a good job will be challenging.

He prefers to talk as little as possible with people that haven’t proven to be trustworthy, and only a handful have to date. Actions speak louder than words and words spoken, at least by others, are too easily broken. Machines alone do exactly as they state they will. They exemplify loyalty and honesty and as such have found themselves the victims of occasional monologues or even dialogues on Frederic’s part.

Costs of living however can be bad enough. Add to that a need to procure high quality drone parts and software to get Soarin running the way Frederic’s vision had always been, and any blue collar job will be unable to sufficiently fund even part of said lifestyle.

A more grey area then, though risky, could provide a nuyen influx, not just to continue improving Soarin, but also to start saving up and eventually buy a position into a corp for a decently paid job and comfortable lifestyle in the long run. Running in the shadows they call it. Realizing a buyer’s requests, whatever it may be, for a decent sum of nuyen, to do that which they themselves can’t or won’t do.

The choice made, Frederic dedicated all his money and time into getting Soarin operating stably, if not yet at the intended full potential. If one is to go into less legal circuits it’s vital to have an extra pair of eyes, or backup where necessary, with none being as reliable as Soarin could be.

Of course with the activities not being legal a different identity would be required, thus Open Skies came into existence, a name several low key runs have been completed under successfully and without deadly results over the past few months.

Open Skies

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